April 13th – 19th

Another week, another week as they say. Hope you’re all staying safe and relatively even-keeled. Be kind to other folks, everyone’s under a ton of stress basically all the time. They were before too, but it’s really heightened now. Also if you’re getting delivery make sure to tip like 50% minimum. They’re bringing you food during a pandemic, they deserve to get a lot of money.

First up, some virtual events!

On Monday the 13th from 8PM – 10PM Far Out Film Discussion will have a zoom meeting to talk about the silent film Blind Husbands by Erich von Stroheim circa 1919. It can be found online at kanopy or on youtube. To virtually attend this discussion, click the link : https://zoom.us/j/838291785

The writing room will again be online on Wednesday the 15th from 9:30AM – 12:30PM! Write with others, if that’s your thing!

You can also attend a virtual book chat on Friday at 1PM – 2PM! You can get there via this link: https://meet.jit.si/ForbesLibraryBookChat! Just hang out and chat about your favorite media and such, a nice time! We might even attend this one.

There will be an interview with local author Martha Ackmann about her now-ironically named book “These Fevered Days” about Emily Dickinson, livestreamed on Facebook on Wednesday at 3:30PM – 4:15PM and then archived for later viewing!

On Thursday the 16th from 7PM – 7:30PM local teens can hang out at Quarantine Cuisine! RSVP at teens@joneslibrary.org for the link, smart move Jones Library folks. Open links are kinda an issue right now. They’re going to be doing Japanese Cooking with Manga, which sounds cute!

As always the Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers are active online, if not in person.

Now for some local creators to support!

Do you have every single issue of Worlds Without Master? If not, why not? It’s pages upon pages of comics, games, stories, and general excitement for anyone who has a love for fantasy and role-playing and love and adventure and all that fun stuff! Go for it, they’re like $3.99 an issue, how can you possibly turn that down? Less than a dang comic-book!

Want to support excellent local art-store TopatoCo? Why not buy some Wash Your Dang Hands stickers? Very appropriate yes. Or get the shirt we’re all wearing inside: 2020 NOT GOING THAT GREAT TO BE HONEST. These are actually a reissue of the original 1929 NOT GOING THAT GREAT TO BE HONEST shirts.

Want something interesting to play while you’re inside? Try one of the excellent games sold by Make Big Things! They’re all interesting! Want to be a Noir Detective? A teen record store employee? A mythical questor? A dog? This is the only store where you can satisfy all of your desires. All of your very unique set of desires.

Do you want to play a game that is melancholy, hopeful, interesting, and perfectly suited for the mood of unease that suffuses our every waking moment? Play Disco Elysium! We just finished it and can unreservedly recommend it to literally everyone. It’s a game that you don’t need to know anything about going in, not even how to play any other videogame. It’s basically about reading dialogue and responding to folks in whatever manner you please.

And what’s great is that because that’s really it, it streches out in that space. Developing your own psyche and deciding how you want to treat people is it, basically. It’s not like the choice-and-consequences you often get where you’re looking at a +1 sword if you say you love stabs and a +1 axe if you say you hate trees.

And it’s not that sort where like you get a little end-cap saying “oh because you sided with the dwarves 48 times and you also helped the elves build a fridge the dwarves would go on to rule for 480 years and the elves loved a fridge”. Instead it’s more immediate and affecting. Your reward for being empathetic is that you can see people hurt less often. Your reward for being a compelling speaker is that people listen when you talk to them. It’s just… dang we cannot possibly recommend it enough.

There’s a bit near the tail end that had us as happy as we’ve been recently, and part of the reason we were so excited to make our natural 20 on this particular check was that we’d been such a fuck-up throughout and this was such a nonsensical and insignificant check to make but we made it as hard as possible and and everyone briefly thought that we were a little bit cool. That’s not a sensation we get in a lot of entertainment media. We’re used to just starting at tough and ending up at “a literal deity”. It was nice to be a raw nerve for a little while. To play-act the sadness of another person as a way of gearing up for our everyday.

Anyway look if you’ve got the money get it. It’s so neat.

Also this is from an interview and I think it sums the game up well:

ROSTOV: I think winning is terribly boring. Winning happens once and leaves you with a dull hangover. There is nothing left to do after you win, only the mild depression of knowing you did it and by virtue of doing it,“it” is now done and gone. The glow of victory is a false comfort. And even personally for us failure has stalked us for a long time – before all this video games hullabaloo we were just unsuccessful writers and artists. When we decided to get into this video game making thing, we did so by saying: “We have failed at so many things, let us fail at making a video game!”

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