Cookbooks for Causes at Odyssey Bookshop This Thursday

Just a quick update to the week’s events! The Odyssey is having an evening to celebrate Palestinian and Syrian food! Publisher Interlink Book’s founder Michel S. Moushabeck will give a short presentation about the current situation in both countries. Odyssey will be highlighting the new cookbooks Palestine on a Plate: Memoires from My Mother’s Kitchen by […]

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November 28th – December 4th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve been kind of out of the loop because we’ve spent all Thanksgiving being the best possible guests for our lovely mom who is great! We did have a chance to play a lot of Pokemon which we have got to say is just a heck of a game, […]

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November 21st – November 27th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is a good holiday in general because it’s just about putting all of the food you possibly can into your stomach, and that’s what the true meaning of the holidays is. If you’re going to have a good Thanksgiving with a lot of food and family and […]

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Hack for Western MA!

Hey this is a thing we did a while back and it was a ton of fun and really useful for a bunch of folks. Now, they’ve changed the setup somewhat, but it seems equally fun and useful. Instead of doing a traditional kind of freewheeling hackathon, they’re going to work with a single organization […]

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November 14th – November 20th

The Valley Nerd Watch! In times when we feel defeated and saddened by the state of the world, we often turn to the words of comfort our father used to give us: “Life is an unending series of tragedies.” In good times, it’s a joke about how little his nerdy little kiddo had to gripe […]

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November 7th – November 13th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We played Settlers of Catan recently, because we’re very hip to the indie board game scene you know. It was fun! It was more fun with some danged house rules to get it a little bit speedier because yeesh there’s a point at which it doesn’t so much slide as plod […]

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