Back Next Week!

Last week was not a ton of fun, but we did it! Thank you all for helping to make sure 2021 starts off significantly better than it otherwise would have. Everything you did to help mattered, and we really appreciate it. Of course, now we need to take that momentum into the Georgia Runoff! You […]

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Help Us Get Out the Vote!

Sign up for FINAL FOUR DAYS TO WIN: Western Massachusetts Flips Texas & Beats Trump! It’s phone-banking which if you’re anything like us sounds a little like hell. It isn’t, though! It’s pretty danged straightforward. You say hi to someone, you ask them to vote, that’s about it. Well, that’s it in the like 3/4 times per hour you actually get a person on the line, the rest is just clicking a button that says “they hung up”.

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August 24th – 30th

No new Nerd Watch this week because we were indisposed this weekend. So instead we’re just going to remind you to head to and check that you’re ready to vote, and have a plan to vote, and vote early! You can register, request your ballot and then drop it off in a drop box the moment it makes it into your hands!

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Big Changes! Exciting News!

We’re going to keep writing a newsletter every week, but we’re no longer going to try to keep you up to date on every single danged event going on in the Valley every week in that newsletter. We’ll highlight anything neat we find, but without trying to be exhaustive. We’ll also post some updates during the week about events we’re particularly into and maybe even do some interviews again! We liked interviewing people.

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Late Nerd Watch! VOTE!

We gotta turn in the Nerd Watch late this week because we were canvassing! Canvassing is good and everyone should do it. It is mostly about keeping track of how many good dogs you meet. Now vote. Yes on 3! From Voting on Election Day Where do I vote? Every address is assigned a polling […]

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Skipping a week!

Well, SKIPPED a week. Had no internet for a while, and a lot of other things to work on! None of your business what. We’ll be back next week, sorry about the surprise disappearance! In the meantime enjoy the full first page of this Daredevil issue, particularly that incredibly blasé cat-man. Also REGISTER TO VOTE AND […]

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