July 31st – August 6th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Good to see you again! We hope your week was wonderful. We had a great chance to hang out at the incredible Wednesday Games Night at the Brass Cat this past Wednesday, and we highly recommend you check it out! We got to play a little “trick-taking” card game called Spires […]

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July 24th – July 30th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hello all you wonderful people out there! We’re extremely glad to bring you another issue of the Nerd Watch! This week let’s celebrate that local creators at Make Big Things made not just double, not just triple, not just quadruple, but QUINTUPLE their Kickstarter goal for their new game Damn the […]

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July 17th – July 23rd

The Valley Nerd Watch! We want to take a moment to thank our readers for reading, because that’s what makes us get this thing out the proverbial door on days we really need to also cook a whole ton of food. Thanks readers! Speaking of readers, if you like to READ comic books, you should […]

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Fight for Net Neutrality

This is going to be pretty quick and simple because we’re using training-wheel WordPress that doesn’t actually let us do much with respect to JavaScript stuff. Go right now to BattleForTheNet.com and send a letter to Congress. Then call congress. Then tell other people to do the same thing. Hey speaking of not being able […]

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July 10th – 16th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Spider-Man: Homecoming was a movie we really liked a lot, and we think we can recommend it pretty wholeheartedly. Dragged a bit in places, but overall our favorite take on Peter Parker as Spider-Man pretty much period in a long time. We also had the absolutely positive addition of a young […]

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July 3rd – July 9th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate responsibly, and maintain all of your fingers and arms for next year! Fireworks look neat, but you know what’s a lot neater? Continuing to have all of the body parts you had on July 3rd this July 5th. Despite the holiday, there’s a bunch going on! […]

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