December 16th – 22nd

We’re really excited to see the semi-re-christening of Wednesday Games to “Start Playing” Games (get it)? There are now we think four separate events across Easthampton and Northampton, and they’re all wonderful! You should go to all of them, given of course that you’d like to play a lot of boardgames. Two are happening this […]

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December 9th – 15th

We got CONTROL, the un-searchable game by Remedy, last week. It is neat! It is a combination of the cult web horror-story wiki SCP and the cult TV series The Lost Room. Lots of mundane magic/horror, surrounded by Brutalist DC-bureaucratic suits who are trying to keep it all under… wraps. It’s a great setting that’s […]

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December 2nd – 8th

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. If your workplace didn’t give you Friday off as well, they are a bad workplace. No one should be forced to travel Thanksgiving night. We’caught the back half of the last season of The Expanse with our mom this weekend and it’s really pretty danged solid. We can […]

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