April 27th – May 3rd

Local libraries have a cool new thing for you to spend some time on! “A People’s History of the COVID-19 Pandemic” projects are happening at both Forbes Library and Sunderland Public Library. We are living in interesting times. History is in the making. Future generations will want to know what life was like during this […]

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April 20th – 26th

You can get comics from Comics N’ More again! They’ve launched a new site to purchase online: https://comicsnmoreeast.square.site/! We know everyone could use a few hundred comics. We know we can make it through this if we just have enough comics to read! That’s how we made it through ages 10-18!

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April 13th – 19th

Another week, another week as they say. Hope you’re all staying safe and relatively even-keeled. Be kind to other folks, everyone’s under a ton of stress basically all the time. They were before too, but it’s really heightened now. Also if you’re getting delivery make sure to tip like 50% minimum. They’re bringing you food during a pandemic, they deserve to get a lot of money.

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April 6th – 12th

First, remember to wash your hands and never touch your face. Also remember that wearing a face covering is a good thing to do to lower transmission rates but it’s mostly to catch your snot and/or spittle when you’re asymptomatic, to reduce spread. It’s not magic sickness armor. It’s just something that catches all the wet spittle we have learned we fling out our dang mouths constantly. Wear a something to cover your nose and mouth when you’re out and about, don’t touch your face to adjust it, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do without it, and keep washing your hands constantly.

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