May 30th – June 5th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We hope all of you are having a lovely, if incredibly hot and muggy weekend. Jump into a pool if you are able, otherwise attempt to reconcile the vehemence with which you railed against winter cold with the horror of the summer heat as is the Massachusetts way. We just got […]

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May 23rd – May 29th

The Valley Nerd Watch! It’s not really a local game, but heck: DOOM (2016 Version EX Hyper Edition) is a fun time according to us. If you are into using a fanciful arsenal to shoot demons in their faces, you will not go wrong. Surprisingly, one of our favorite elements of the game was the […]

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May 9th – May 15th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Jeez Lousie is it a packed week, wow! Also, happy Mothers Day! Our mom is great, we hope your mom is or was also great and, should you be a mom yourself: continue being great! We believe that covers most people. Hope you all had a good time on Free Comic […]

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May 2nd – May 8th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Top news story of the day: The Banner Saga is a really good game that is also beautiful. Give it a look if you’re into games about positioning little people on a board and making them hit other little people. Other important things: The Nerd Nite for this month unfortunately had […]

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