January 25th – January 31st

The Valley Nerd Watch! This’ll be a quick one since we’re suuuper tired at the moment. Woogh. Look, let’s just say that if someone asks you to play the Game of Thrones Board Game at 4:00pm, clear time until like 8:00pm the next day. It was great, though! Lots of fun, we did not win […]

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Local Podcasts!

Ever since the invention of podcasts – when all radios in the Northern hemisphere intercepted a panicked discussion between a group of survivors of the Great Hiveship Anaximanious who had accidentally flipped their escape pod’s internal tele-speak on “broadcast” during a panicked hunt for the SOS transmitter before having an enlightening conversation about comedy, music, movies, board games, and […]

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January 11th – January 17th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This past week we forgot an important nerd date! The incept date for Roy Batty, the replicant hunted by Rick Deckard in Blade Runner! January 8th, 2016. We’re officially in the future! Wow, that was a great film. We’ve always been fans of the oddly prescient Phillip K. Dick, and it’s […]

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January 4th – January 10th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Welcome back, respected and relatively resplendent readership! We missed you! You’re already doing an excellent job of handling the new year. Yes, you’re certainly taking 2028 by storm! And if by any chance you believe it is not 2028 currently, it’s probably due to the fact that you need to wake […]

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