October 30 – November 5th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This weekend we were busy with a Halloween party and general socializing so the only thing we really have to say is we just bought a copy of Bubblegumshoe and we’re excited to read through and put together a game! It features writing by local creator Emily Care Boss! Happy Halloween! […]

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October 16th – October 22nd

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy October! We’re a bit busy this weekend so we just want to quickly and succinctly say: Go to Nerd Nite NoHo at the Academy of Music on Monday, October 23rd at 7:00pm! It will be a fun time and you will like it so why not? Plus it’s an excuse to […]

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October 9th – October 15th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! We just finished the game Tales of Berseria, which was quite good! It had fun characters with whom we had a fun time, and it managed to sell a lot of the extremely emotionally charged moments that sometimes come across as forced in these sorts of stories. Plus you can […]

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October 2nd – October 7th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! The Spooky Season is here! Yay! Get a bunch of pumpkin-flavored whatever the heck, dress in whatever you think is coolest and don’t stop until Christmas! Also please take a moment to buy a ticket to Nerd Nite NoHo at the Academy of Music! It’s THIS MONTH and we’re 100% […]

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