August 26th – Sep 1st

Mob Psycho 100 is a very fun anime, and we recommend it. Starts strong, has interesting and vibrant animation, and generally treats all the characters like worthwhile people. Also, we’ve been having fun playing the puzzle game Q.U.B.E and its sequel: Q.U.B.E 2. They’re both basically “what if Portal had a different central mechanic?” but […]

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August 19th – 25th

We finally learned how to play Dominos, and that’s a fun game. Good job, millions upon millions of people who’ve played Dominos forever! We often give pretty short shrift to standard card/board games because we first encountered them in our youth and they seemed intensely boring compared to sticks. Now that sticks are only moderately […]

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August 12th – 18th

We just got the game Heat Signature, and it’s extremely neat! It’s an stealth-action game where you play any of a bunch of randomly-generated characters who live on asteroid space-stations and spend their time doing odd jobs involving all sorts of cool things. During the action you can pause to consider your next action whenever […]

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