So You Would Like To Be Heard

Recently we’ve become aware of the fact that several folks in town do interesting podcasts. That’s delightful! Podcasts are after all the radio of the future. But have you considered the radio… of the past? Which is to say just plain broadcast radio? Your local low power FM station – 103.3FM WXOJ Valley Free Radio – has resources […]

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February 29th – March 6th

The Valley Nerd Watch! So this past week we had a chance to check out The VVitch, and we recommend it to all of our readers who like tense drama about devoutly religious families set in the 1600’s and also those who’d like to hear a whole crowd of 16 year-old horror fans go “Wait… what? That wasn’t […]

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SciTech Cafe Tonight!

Dangit, forgot to check off this monthly event from our Happenings List yesterday. There’s a SciTech Cafe tonight! It’s about how the universe began, near as we can tell. Professor Gary Felder will talk about why the universe is how the universe is and how it all began. He’ll explain the Big Bang Theory, too! […]

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February 22nd – February 28th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We beat XCOM! Look we know literally none of you care about this but this is immaterial, our braggadocio cannot be contained! It was neat! It was difficult and fun and we’re real excited to play it again with dozens of silly outfit modifications added. It’s going to be in a little […]

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February 14th – February 21st

The Valley Nerd Watch! We have returned! No mere mortal malady may strike us down! These infernal migraines only increase our resolve to become stronger both mentally and physically! We have even delved into the dark arts, wresting from the universe what we will! And with these powers we will take our vengeance upon the hated […]

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Apologies/Migraine Day

Hello readers! It was not our intention to skip the Nerd Watch for this week, particularly as it’s the dang anniversary week. Unfortunately, we were laid out pretty hard with a migraine for the majority of the day, and obviously had little time to pre-write this weekend due to mom-birthday related shenanigans. In the interests […]

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Our One-Year Anniversary!

Hello gentle readers, thanks for stopping by. My name is James Olchowski, I write the Valley Nerd Watch. I figured that for the anniversary I should drop the royal we and just talk about what this has meant to me. First of all: without my mom and my sister – Bonnie and Sara – this […]

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February 1st – February 7th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Oh gosh, everyone! The SciTech Cafe last week was awesome. Not only because we got to find out about quantum mechanics, the science with most “ooooooh weird” moments per minute for a hundred years running. No, it was perfect because literally every question at the event came from a little kid. […]

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