March 26th – April 1st

  The Valley Nerd Watch! This week we have some news up front! First off, friendly local comics shop Comics N’ More is going to move! Later. Not right now. But eventually! To another Easthampton location. A not-basement location for sure, but what sort? It’s still up in the air, which is better than down […]

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March 19th – March 25th

The Valley Nerd Watch! NERD Summit 2018 was a bunch of fun and also useful! Also, free food. All of our favorite things in one place. We got to learn some interesting things about our favorite coding languages and speak to a lot of kind folks who code. In particular we were big fans of […]

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March 12th – March 18th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This week we want to call attention to two big nerd related events! Nerd Nite NoHo tomorrow at 7pm at the World War 2 Club in Northampton! It’ll be about lions and the mental state of our president. Two topics that are guaranteed to be interesting. Also we have cookies! Delicious […]

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March 5th – March 11th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! We saw the movie ‘Annihilation’ this past week, because we had heard it was good despite the fact that the trailer made it look like it was entirely about people being hunted by a monster and shooting things. It’s not! It’s a very, very weird alien story. A lot like […]

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