January 16th – January 22nd

The Valley Nerd Watch! Why is this issue late? Well, on the one hand computer troubles since we’ve had to reinstall Windows but on the other much more accurate hand we thought we were like an hour from the end of The Witness and it turns out we were like 10 hours from the end […]

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January 9th – January 15th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This week we want to draw your attention to a local creator’s Kickstarter! Anna Leue of the sci-fi webcomic Half-Man made us aware of the fact that her newest comic, The Other Son – a Dark Western One-Shot Comic. It sounds like a classic western tale of sadness, revenge, and community. […]

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January 1st – January 7th

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you’re starting off properly! That means a nice slow morning where you ideally do not need to do much of anything because this is that post holiday sort of thing where no matter what you feel like you’re not getting quite as much time off as you needed.

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December 26th – December 31st

The Valley Nerd Watch Christmas Magic Special! The special magic is that this is coming out on Christmas Day! That’s dedication, you’re welcome. We’re hanging out with our beloved mom, we hope you’re having a decent day with whatever person place or thing delights you! Not strictly because it’s a holiday, but because it’s a […]

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December 12th – December 18th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Doctor Strange was not great! It was okay, it was really pretty, but it was also not very good as a story about a magical person. We love Doctor Strange in general, he’s a fun comic character because of how perpendicular to the rest of the Marvel world he is. He’s […]

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December 5th – December 11th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We finished Pokemon and good news folks it’s still very cute, extremely cute. You get to pet cute animals, an experience that should really be a mandatory part of any decent videogame. Also! We got a chance to check out Pandemic: Legacy this past week! It’s spectacular. We can’t believe how well […]

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November 28th – December 4th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve been kind of out of the loop because we’ve spent all Thanksgiving being the best possible guests for our lovely mom who is great! We did have a chance to play a lot of Pokemon which we have got to say is just a heck of a game, […]

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November 21st – November 27th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is a good holiday in general because it’s just about putting all of the food you possibly can into your stomach, and that’s what the true meaning of the holidays is. If you’re going to have a good Thanksgiving with a lot of food and family and […]

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November 14th – November 20th

The Valley Nerd Watch! In times when we feel defeated and saddened by the state of the world, we often turn to the words of comfort our father used to give us: “Life is an unending series of tragedies.” In good times, it’s a joke about how little his nerdy little kiddo had to gripe […]

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