Goodbye, Nerd Watch!

The Nerd Watch is a thing that we started doing just after grad school as a way to be doing anything with our time that wasn’t fruitless job-hunting alternating with crippling anxiety. It worked really well! We got out, we spoke to a lot of wonderful folks, and we got to write something fun every week. It gave structure to what was otherwise a pretty directionless time of our lives.

We also just really like the idea of a local site that helps people find local stuff. We hate Facebook so much is the thing, and it’s managed to worm its way into the lives of too many folks. We want there to be other ways for people to find local events and help support local creators.

Alas, it’s time to put the site to bed. For a bunch of small reasons, but one big one: we’re moving! It’s great, we’re excited, but we’re pretty danged sure we can’t do a Valley-specific thing in the future. We’re going to be heading relatively far afield.

We’re sad to go, though. We love the Valley! We love the folks we met, and we love all the wonderful things that we learned about it. We really hope that everyone keeps doing what they can to support all the excellent local businesses and creators. It’s hard to make art, and if you’ve got any capacity to pay someone to do it you definitely should.

And please, really, just get off Facebook. It’s awful. We know there are events posted there but you can just look at them whenever, you don’t need an account.

We could probably write up something a lot longer and more elaborate about just… everything that has happened since we started this site but at the same time eh, you’re not here for a journal.

We do want to say this though: if you want to help out the wonderful folks of the Pioneer Valley in any way, we are happy to provide any information or resources we’re able to muster. Seriously, you’re great, keep being great. Nothing has made us feel nice more consistently than helping to direct folks to all the amazing things they can do to support a vibrant local creative community.

Again, thank you so much.

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