September 28th – October 4th

Make a plan to vote! You can request a ballot and register easily in MA. Everyone in MA can get a mail-in/absentee/whatever you want to call it ballot AND if you’re nervous about how the USPS is getting fucked around with, you can drop it off early! You can find more information here:!

Your application for a vote-by-mail ballot for the November general election must be received by 5 p.m. on Oct. 28.

This is a “received by” deadline and not a “postmarked by” deadline.

Make a plan, vote early.

Protests are still ongoing! It’s important to keep supporting folks, not just so that we see actual lasting change but also so that we keep protesters safe from retaliation.

Support protesters by donating to:

Do whatever you can. Find a protest (wear a mask, stay distant, stay safe), donate what you can, call your local government officials and ask why they’re spending more on police than they are on providing for people, go to virtual council meetings, write letters because some people still think letters mean more than emails, support your community any way you can.

A little news: Off the Wall Games is offering new stuff for Magic: The Gathering players!

Good Morning Magic Players! We’re selling singles through our very own TCGplayer store front now. We still can’t offer in person singles sales, however, we have launched in store pick up for the latest sets and are working on digitizing our entire stock as time goes on. Link Below!How to order cards from our TCGpalyer Store. #1 Go to our TCGplayer store site and log in so we know who you are when you do place your order. #2 Add cards to your cart #3 When checking out choose to pay in-store or pay now online. You will be sent an email when we are picking your cards and when they are ready for pickup.If you have NOT received ready for pick-up notice after 24 hours after paying online contact us. If you decide to pay in-store cards will be held for no more than 24 hours

And if you’re hankering for M:tG, you can get your fix with the Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers!

There’s a raffle at Sunderland Public Library you can enter to win tickets to Mike’s Maze! You can enter it every week but you can only win it once! To enter you gotta visit

Watch Oliver Sacks: His Own Life and other Images picks at Each online rental will directly benefit Images Cinema, with up to 50% of the rental price supporting the theater in this time of need. Seriously folks if you like having a local movie theater: this is the time to step up! You can also check out the Amherst Cinema Virtual Cinema!

Monday from 10AM – 11AM you can attend the Facebook Live Reader’s Advisory Chat at Westfield Athenaeum!

Are you ready to talk about books? Athenaeum librarians will be live on our Facebook page for an hour to help you find your next great read live on air. Please drop reading requests into the comments. Already reading a good book? Put that in the comments, too! There are never too many books.

The Westfield Athenaeum will be offering live Reader’s Advisory chats every Monday at 10AM. Please see our Facebook page and schedule of events for more.

This Monday from 8PM – 10PM you can attend a virtual Far Out Film Discussion!

Far Out Film Discussion will have a zoom meeting to talk about the 1997 fantasy/romance Twilight of the Ice Nymphs by Canadian avant-garde filmmaker Guy Maddin. It can be found online at kanopy using your Forbes Library card – Or at hoopla using your BPL e-card – To virtually attend this discussion, click the link:

At 4:30PM Tuesday you can join a reading with Sejal Shah, author of This Is One Way to Dance at Odyssey Bookshop! Join the meeting with Mount Holyoke College here:

From 7:30PM – 8:45PM on Tuesday you can join the Virtual Presidents Book Group! Not a group of presidents who read books, but a group of people who read books about presidents!

Do you want to deepen your understanding of the American presidency? Then join the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum’s new Presidential Book Group! We will be tracing the history of the presidency, beginning with George Washington, and watching how American democracy evolved in ways the Founders never anticipated. We’ll follow how presidents, both celebrated and forgotten, grappled with slavery, economics, executive power and America’s role in the world. In doing so, we’ll broaden our knowledge of Coolidge, how he determined the course of the modern Republican Party, and where his presidency fits in the American story. 

We are meeting virtually via zoom until further notice.  For the zoom link, email   

At 7PM Wednesday you can join a book talk with David R. Moloney, author of Barker House! Register for this virtual event here.

Wednesday from 7PM – 8:45PM you can join the Virtual Coolidge Museum annual meeting with speaker Barbara Berenson! Just gotta register here:

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and women’s right to vote.  Our guest speaker is Barbara F. Berenson,  author of Massachusetts in the Woman Suffrage Movement: Revolutionary Reformers (The History Press 2018).  Ms. Berenson, a  graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, retired from her position as Senior Attorney at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in June 2019 and is now a lecturer at Harvard Law School.  She has also taught at Tufts University.  She serves on the Boards of Boston By Foot and the Royall House & Slave Quarters.

Or instead from 7PM – 9PM on Wednesday you can hang out at the Zine Club! Join the Zoom here:
password – 614664!

Drop in for all or part of our virtual Zine Club work party! We’ll be hanging out, working on our individual projects, sharing stories, talking zines, making art, getting feedback, brainstorming, getting stuff done. If you’ve been meaning to work on an art project but time keeps slipping away, put this in your calendar! And if you create something you’re happy with, we’d love to include it in our collaborative QuaranZine! All ages welcome!

Or even instead again! You can head to Start Playing Games on Wednesday from 7PM – 10:30PM to play some fun board games! All you gotta do is to join the Discord here: and then you can hang out and chat while playing board games online!

From 3:30PM – 4:30PM on Thursday you can attend, presuming you’re a teen, the Teen Writing Group at Westfield Atheneum! Contact for more info!

Do you like writing fantasy? Science fiction? Realistic fiction? All kinds are welcome at our Teen Writing Group. Each meeting tackles a new topic – suggested and voted on by group participants – with fun activities and writing prompts. In this class, you help pick what we learn and work on your creative writing skills! 

This group is for students in grades 5-12. Participents are not made to read their work unless they desire to do so. This class will take place on Zoom on the first and third Thursdays of every month.

Thursday from 7PM – 8PM you can see: MULTIMEDIA TALK | The Door Slams Shut: Reactions of the Yiddish Press to Immigration Issues in the Early 1920s, with Eddy Portnoy. Just gotta join up here:

The current brouhaha over immigration policy is nothing new. Neither is the defamation of immigrants as criminals or political undesirables. While American nativist animus today falls upon Mexican, Central American, and Muslim migrants, about 100 years ago this same hatred was aimed at the Jews.

Taking aim with theirs poison pens, the artists of “Der groyser kundes,” the Lower East Side’s premier Yiddish satire weekly, attacked the Immigration Quota Acts of 1921 and 1924, which were enacted to severely stifle Jewish immigration to the US. Yiddish cartoonists, well acquainted with the dire circumstances in which Eastern European Jews found themselves, understood that a fairer immigration policy would be beneficial to both Jews and to America. Using political, cultural, and traditional Jewish imagery, these artists crafted numerous cartoons that considered the situation from the perspective of a Jewish immigrant community for which the matter was potentially one of life and death. Join Eddy Portnoy in a discussion of the role of Yiddish cartoons in addressing the issue of immigration as it pertained to immigrant Jewish communities in New York.

Friday you can check out Your Next Great Read Live from 11AM – 1PM!

On the first Friday of each month, on the library’s Twitter and Facebook, we provide YOUR NEXT GREAT READ LIVE!!! Post a title you’ve enjoyed on our Facebook post ( or on Twitter (, and we will respond with suggestions for other books (or movies, or music) we think you’ll like! Librarians are standing by 11:00 am till 1:00 pm

Saturday from 12PM – 4PM you can browse books outside under the tent at Sunderland Public Library! New items and old favorites alike!

This week again sees some help for job-seekers at Forbes!

At 10:30AM on Tuesday you can attend Effective Job Search Strategies!

Or at 1:30AM on Tuesday you can see what Unemployment Insurance Online Assistance is like!

Then at 10:30AM on Wednesday you can attend Resumes that Rock!

We’ve been playing Hades lately and dang that’s a great game!

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