June 29th – July 5th

Support protesters by donating to:

Do whatever you can. Find a protest (wear a mask, stay distant, stay safe), donate what you can, call your local government officials and ask why they’re spending more on police than they are on providing for people, go to virtual council meetings, write letters because some people still think letters mean more than emails, support your community any way you can.

To that end: we’re going to match any donations to the above organizations up to $1,000. Send us a receipt and we’ll double your donation.

Big news this week! A local Kickstarter campaign!

A young adult graphic novel that follows three friends through a fantastical wilderness has come to Kickstarter! The adventurers encounter monsters, faeries, and discover ancient magic that will change the world! Back this project at GoatsHeadBook.com to get the graphic novel, coloring book, original art, handmade plushies, and more! 

The funding campaign runs from June 23 through July 22 and is the only place to get these extra-special backer rewards. 

Indie team, Mardelle and Pat Nietupski have been making stories for elementary and middle grade readers for the last four years. They are proud of the small print runs they have showcased throughout New England and are excited to share their first full-length graphic novel. 

Graphic novels for young people are an important tool in turning reluctant readers into lifelong readers and learners. And they are super fun! Goats Head Studios weaves curiosity, representation, and emotional storytelling together with adventure and magic. 

Please consider backing this project and tell your friends! 

Comics are an important tool in turning reluctant readers into lifelong ones. And they are super fun! Our Studio weaves curiosity, representation, and emotional storytelling together with adventure and magic.

Goats Head Studios makes adventure comics for the young and young at heart in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. 

For additional info, visit GoatsHeadBook.com and FomoraComic.com 

Legends of Fomora is a delightful comic, and we’d love to see this campaign succeed.

Oh and some news from Off the Wall Games!

Hi everyone! We haven’t messaged anything out into the world in a little while, but wanted to update everyone on what’s happening here at your Friendly Local Game Store.

We’re still closed as far as allowing retail traffic, and we’re still doing curbside pickup (email the store at offthewallgamestore@gmail.com with what you need, we’ll get back with a total and an invoice, and then arrange for payment and pickup). Pickups occur Friday 6:30-9pm, and Saturday/Sunday 2-6pm.

We’ve (understandably) gotten a lot of questions recently regarding our actual physical reopening. We are eyeing the end of July for an actual reopening, but want to stress to everyone that the “new normal” is going to be a lot different than what you remember. We’re trying to balance the safety of our employees and customers, our social responsibility to help suppress the spread of COVID-19, our financial needs, your expectations, and state regulations in a way that leaves us all as satisfied as possible.

More details will follow later, as we finalize plans and approach a more firm re-opening date. We appreciate your support through this pandemic, and look forward to better times ahead. Thanks for sticking with us!

Monday from 8PM – 10PM there will be another Virtual Far Out Film Discussion to talk about Fritz Lang’s thriller M, the director’s first sound picture from 1931. It can be found online at kanopy  and youtube. To virtually attend this discussion, click the link : https://zoom.us/j/838291785

Also Monday from 5PM – 6:30PM there will be Arts and Crafts for Teens with the Holyoke Library!

Tuesday from 7PM – 8PM kids in grades 5-12 can play games online with Olivia from the Westfield Athenaeum! Contact Olivia Eberli at OEberli@westath.org for more details!

Teens ages 13-18 are welcome to drop in with whatever art supplies they have at home to participate in themed art nights hosted by the Holyoke Public Library! Say hi to your friends, share your art, and get some socializing in from a safe social distance. Click this link to go to the video call! meet.google.com/vjc-rpyb-fut

This Wednesday from 11AM – 12PM you can chat with the Virtual Book Discussion Group at Greenfield Public Library! “Grab a snack, get cozy on your sofa, and talk about what you have been reading while you have been home. Contact us at librarian@greenfieldpubliclibrary.org for the video link.”

You can also see an interview with local author Karen Osborne Wednesday from 2PM – 2:40PM about her new novel “The Music Book”. It’ll be streaming live on the Jones Library Facebook page.

Also Wednesday you can check out Start Playing Online again! It’s always wonderful and you should attend! Check out the Discord here: https://discord.gg/fAM8yJw!

On Thursday there will be some delightful Arts Night Plus readings hosted by the Emily Dickinson museum, featuring poets Michael Mercurio, Hannah Larrabee, and Nathan McClain. You can register to listen to these spectacular poets here!

Also on Thursday you can see a great talk by Ilan Stavans, “What Remains: The Suitcases of Charles F. at Willard State Hospital”.

…. Like thousands of other patients, he arrived at Willard, abandoned by his family, with only a few items in three suitcases. The suitcases were taken away from him by the staff and stored in an attic. They stayed there after he died in 1950. When Willard closed in the late 1990s, after almost 125 uninterrupted years, someone remembered the suitcases. Instead of having them destroyed, they were shipped to a museum storage house. “What Remains” is a combination of essay and photography by Ilan Stavans, with photographs by Jon Crispin.

You can register for the talk here!

Steam Sale is on! You should get Disco Elysium, because it’s wonderful. We also picked up Furi – a fun action game with great music – and Infra which is a delightful game about being an infrastructure inspector in Finland. Which frankly is an untapped area of gaming inspiration.

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