May 25th – 31st

Massachusetts is starting to open up. This is in some ways good news, because our state has been mostly reasonable and is at least attempting to put forward a plan that takes into account a need to lock back down when the pandemic starts spreading out of control again.

But please remain the exact same amount of cautious, because there’s still a pandemic raging. Don’t do things that aren’t necessary. Don’t go out to a crowded bar or restaurant. Keep your excursions to the necessary stuff like picking up food. If you can work from home, keep working from home. Wear a mask whenever you’re going out. We understand that a lot of people don’t have a choice about how exposed they are. People need to work to survive. It’s because of that if you DO have the option, you need to do your part to reduce risks as much as possible.

Have you purchased your comics from the excellent Comics N’ More website yet? We have! We got the recent excellent Tom King/Mitch Gerads Mr. Miracle run and it was delightful to read! Particularly because we had previously purchase (from excellent local comic shop Comics N’ More of course) the collected color paperback of Mr. Miracle’s first issues! The new run is incredibly different in tone, but a great companion piece.

The original comics were so intensely odd even in an era when comics could be very strange. They tended toward severe emotional whiplash, with people going from being monstrous emblems of the ultimate evil to kind of annoying in-laws between pages. Also Mr. Miracle stumbles upon a fake Satanic Church and an underground crime syndicate headed by a brain in a jar by literally just ambling around in his backyard.

The new run never gets quite as wild because it’s more about the tonal whiplash between being people who have a day job performing fun escapism stunts and then a second job as literal gods fighting a terrible war in heaven/hell where billions are slaughtered by the Apokolips Terror Beams or whatever. The Earth-centric portions are less about discovering a wild plot hook and more about being married adults who are going through some tough times.

The art really sells it, too. We were thinking at first that we really preferred the cover-art style of very readable and direct art, but having a bunch of interesting post-processing effects over stuff winds up giving emotional heft to scenes that they’d otherwise lack. The art winds up being less representational and more reflective of the inner lives of the people being drawn. It’s great comics, folks! You should buy some great comics too!

Some updates from local businesses!

Speaking of Comics N’ More… they’re getting ready to open to the masked public, with a bunch of fun posters reminding folks to mask up! New comic book day on the 27th is still up in the air in terms of stock, but they’re going to be doing curbside pickup appointments for books that you want!

You can also support them by buying a t-shirt! We’re happy to see they have the option to get it in our favorite colors: an eye-searing combination of orange and yellow!

Do you love Prodigy Minigolf & Gameroom? We do too! Here’s an update from them!

Hello to all my favorite gamers! 🎮👾🧠♟🎲⛳️ I just thought I’d log in from under my rock and give you all a quick update. As you probably know today, Prodigy, unfortunately, falls into a category of nonessential businesses that are not allowed to open for quite sometime regardless of certain guidelines and I truly hope to be ‘allowed’ to open when things flip back upside again. I’ve gotten a few amazing donations over the last couple months and I can’t thank you enough for the support as well as everyone else for supporting my vision over the last 2 years by simply visiting my dream gameroom. My ill-timed departure from my IT position back in October to run Prodigy full time was an amazing feeling! I still remember my first morning on the job at Prodigy and the enormous smile I had all day/week/month. 😀 Hindsight is a killer.

For those looking to help out, donations can be mailed to Jeff Bujak at Prodigy Minigolf & Gameroom, 116 Pleasant St, Suite 18, Easthampton, MA 01027. I’m going to be practicing ‘social-media distancing’ for quite sometime, but I’m sure we’ll meet again in some form in the future. Please send any inquiries directly to Take care out there, folks and please support your LOCAL businesses that are actually allowed to be open, finally. They need you now more than ever. 😉

Off the Wall Games also has an update! They’re doing curbside pickup, though understandably they’re going to have fewer new releases so be sure to order what you’d like quick!

A big hello to all of our customers who are really good at reading and following instructions. You know who you are.

Curb side pickup continues! Remember, we are open for pickup from 6:30 PM-9 PM on Friday, and 2 PM – 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

If you would like to place an order, please EMAIL the store at offthewallgamestore at gmail dot com. We ask this so we have an email on file that we can use to send you a paypal invoice.

As our distributors re-open and we start to place restock orders, I want you all to know that we are going to be bringing in VERY limited quantities of new releases. We simply don’t want to drain our bank account bringing in items that people aren’t going to buy. This means if you want something, YOU MUST contact us as soon as you know. This is especially important for Games Workshop items, as they are revealed for preorder on Saturday and I put the order in on Monday. We are currently only planning on bringing in one, so if you want something please let us know with plenty of time. Otherwise you will most likely not get it when you want it.

Stay safe everyone. Looking forward to getting back to gaming with you all once things are safe.

Don’t forget to order take-out from Avalon Game Cafe! It’s delicious and it supports an awesome local business in rough times.

You can also support a wonderful local cinema and see some great movies by heading to the Images Cinema Online!

Don’t forget you can still order great books online from local retailers like Book Moon and Odyssey Bookshop!

Hurting for Magic: The Gathering? Join up with the Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers! They’ve been having fun by playing online!

Tonight! At 8PM – 10PM you can check out the Virtual Far Out Film Discussion via Zoom for “A Fool There Was”! You can watch the film first on Kanopy or Youtube! It’s a silent film from 1915 so it’s not a real lengthy one. Attend the discussion here!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2PM – 4PM you’ll be able to get drop-in tech help from a friendly librarian here!

Also on Tuesday from 7PM – 8PM you’ll be able to talk to folks about books via the Greenfield Public Library! Contact for the link to join in!

Wednesday 3:30PM – 4:15PM your kids can attend the Kids Book Club which will be discussing Dear Sweet Pea by Julie Murphy! Email to register for the discussion, it’s for ages 8-12. There are copies of the book available on Hoopla with a Boston Public Library eCard which is available to all MA residents!

Also on Wednesday at 9:30AM – 12:30PM you can join the Virtual Writing Room! No need to chat, it’s just a place to hang and write with other writers! You can join the meetup here! Meeting ID: 287 592 0962 and password: 798169.

From 3PM – 3:30PM on Wednesday you’ll be able to see a discussion with local author Pawan Dhingra livestreamed on the Jones Library Facebook page. He’ll be discussing “Hyper Education: Why Good Schools, Good Grades, and Good Behavior Are Not Enough.” It’ll be archived afterward if you can’t make it!

Wednesday from 7PM – 11PM, join Start Playing Online! A great chance to use some very good boardgame websites to play fun boardgames via the power of the internet! Just join the Discord here to get started!

Thursday there will be another Virtual Storytime with Ms. Patti from 10AM – 11AM, email to join in!

Also Thursday from 6:30PM – 8:30PM you can join in a book chat with the folks of the Western MA Sci-Fi Meetup! They’ll be talking about All Systems Red and And Then There Were (N-One)!

Friday 1PM – 2PM you’ll be able to attend a virtual book chat! Share whatever you’re reading, watching, listening to, or just hang out and hear from others! Join the meeting here!

Also on Friday from 10AM – 12PM you’ll be able to join Storytime for Grownups! A marathon reading of short (15-minute max) reader-chosen selections that might be novel excerpts, essays, poetry, short stories, or cereal boxes! Join the Zoom meeting here! Meeting ID 832 4272 4852, password 008157.

Stay safe out there, folks! Wear a mask!

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