March 30th – April 5th

Woops! Alright look, we have nothing to say for ourselves except that we literally forgot. Not even like “oh woe in this troubled time” just like had a pleasant weekend during which we played way too much Animal Crossing and… it got away from us! We apologize.

On the plus side, few things have real specific dates now.

If you’d like to keep accessing Library Resources of various stripes online, just look here:

Holyoke Public Library

Sunderland Public Library

Jones Library

Goodwin Memorial Library

Westfield Athenaeum

Palmer Public Library – You can connect to their wi-fi from the parking lot!

Greenfield Public Library

Forbes Library

Big news from our favorite local Comixmongers at Comics N’ More!

Big news that presented in a wild format, which we have transcribed for your convenience:

Hey! It’s us, your comixmongers. We hope y’all are holding up ok. We’re absolutely blown away by the outpouring of tender, loving support. Thanks for waiting for us to make our statement.


-We have BOTH good as well as complicated news AND tentative plans.
-By order of Gov. Baker the earliest we will reopen is 04/08/2020. —-We are setting up to showcase in-store comix & graphic novels, including online!
-Please keep contacting us for curated book selections
-Mail order is good to go
-We are digging into our stockpiles to sort & price – LEGOS (full sets and minifigures), decorative pins & buttons PLUS art prints & posters, BACK ISSUES TOO!

“This business we call funny books” The comics & graphic novel medium is now facing unprecedented disruption due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. The sole distributor of this particular print medium is known as Diamond. Free Comic Book Day 2020 has been postponed, date TBD. New comic book releases have been halted for April.

Our Plan (as of right now) We are contacting ALL subscribers, (as well as all customers N’More) about their comics, how to buy books from us, and our strategy – ASAP. (We started last week.) Thanks for the recent + continuing support from ALL y’all & the offers of prepayment, opting out of discount benefits, PLUS our new gift card options; our bills are covered going into April!

These six years of COMIXMONGERING has been a whole lot of worthwhile connections and shared love for our passions. We’ve not seen it like this before. The future is, as usual, uncharted. We don’t have many answers for what you can expect from Marvel, DC, or Diamond. Many other publishers have made clear statements + actionable support to us as retailers.

TBH – WE ARE optimistic, even confident about our eventual RE-OPENING, entirely due to all of your past, present & future support + solidarity ❤ PhB & Xtn

A few fun things:

The Start Playing Games Discord is still having wonderful weekly game nights on Wednesdays!

Oooh and we feel a fool for missing this but the Far Out Film Discussion is now happening via Zoom!

The Odyssey Bookshop is open for ordering books online! You can just type what you want up top! Also if you don’t type anything it gives you a bunch of suggestions that seem like they were used as a test and it’s a neat view into like design Q&A, super neat!

You can also support Odyssey by signing up for! For a short time 100% of the sale will go to Odyssey when you follow that link.

Easthampton’s own Book Moon is also available for online ordering!

They can ALSO get 100% of the sale if you follow THIS link!

Or just grab ebooks! Or a gift certificate!

Interested in a webinar-style talk from the OEB Science Cafe folks? Let them know! They’ve got a Survey for you to submit!

Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers is no longer doing in-person meetings, but!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the ongoing pandemic, regular meetings of the Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers have been suspended until further notice. This email list remains active, though, and we will be using it to coordinate online play and future activities.

Prodigy Minigolf & Gameroom has done some nice updates, which is good. They planned to reopen a lot earlier but you know it’s something to look forward to!

Thank you for your time, please have a good day and keep yourself safe!

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