March 16th – 22nd

In case you didn’t see the recent post: don’t go out unless it is necessary for you to go out.

It might feel weird, and it might feel like you’re going overboard because you feel like you’re not at risk. But you need to stay isolated in order to protect members of your community who cannot isolate themselves from this illness and who are at higher risk of complications. There are people without houses, there are immune-compromised people, there are elderly folks, there are people who’ve got other illnesses that would complicate COVID-19. Don’t put them at risk. Get some groceries, stay at home. Go out only when you absolutely need to.

If your work can be done from home, try to do it from home. If you are a person who can pull any lever to make this better, do it. If you run an event, cancel it. If you manage a workplace, send folks to work from home. Or just send people home and keep paying them if they can’t work from home. If you’re a local official of any stripe, cancel whatever it’s in your power to cancel. It matters, it will help, and measures that seem overblown now will have people thanking you when this worsens.

First off, specific cancellations we’ve been notified of:

Holyoke Public Library is closing to the public as of Monday. Here’s what they had to say in their cancellation notice for people who still need their services:

“We encourage you to make use of our Electronic Resources. Visit our website,, click HPL Academy tab. Here you will find Tutorial on how to access our electronic resources.

  • For books, recorded books, and audiobooks – Electronic Books (E-books) through OverDrive application (download Libby App) or using Freading
  • For music – Freegal Music
  • For Newspapers – from our website, from Online Resources tab, click Newspapers.
  • For Movies – Massachusetts resident with a Boston Public Library e-card, can have access to many more electronic resources, and watch movie on line. From our website, from Links tab, scroll down to Boston e-card to apply for one.

Also, under Online Resources, click Databases and check out our

The extremely good Magic: the Gathering group Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers have suspended all of their regular meetings until such time as it’s safe to have them again.

Also one of the organizers of the PVP is actually a virologist and has a podcast that they co-host called “This Week in Virology“. They mentioned it to us in their cancellation notice “in case you or other Nerdwatch fans would like to listen to some hardcore virus nerds chatting. It’s as good a way as any to pass the time while self-isolating.”

The Pioneer Valley Game Devs have also suspended all of their events for now, but if you’d like to keep supporting your local game devs, why not check out adorable cat-based survival space game MewnBase or quick fun arcade shooter Retro Wing Prime? They’re both by local developers!

Now, what can you do to support local creators in this trying time?

This is a good time to plug Question Hound (the dog saying ‘this is fine’ in a room on fire) merchandise from local notable KC Green. He’s a great artist, he created the definitive visual representation of our times, he is owed more than he is getting. Like to post that image basically every day as a way of whistling past the graveyard? Buy a magnet or a mug or whatever. Or just join his Patreon! He’s a good artist! Good artists should be able to eat!

Do you like a local restaurant? Pick up a gift card for use later! Restaurants are on a thin margin in the best of times, so this is likely to hit them extremely hard. Anything you can do to help out will be greatly appreciated.

Black and Green Games has a ton of spectacular LARPs and RPGs available for small groups of players at a reasonable price to download and play immediately! The Romance Trilogy is a particular steal, three games about romance for one low price!

Stay safe out there folks!

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