February 3rd – 9th

New? THE NERD WATCH? Inconceivable.

First! If you’re in Northampton you should attend this meeting at Forbes Library to discuss the Proposition 2 1/2 Override ballot question that you’ll have a chance to vote on March 3rd, 2020! That’s soon!

Mayor David J. Narkewicz invites Northampton residents to join him on the following dates and times to discuss how the March 3, 2020, Proposition 2 1/2 Override ballot question will allow the city to renew its fiscal stability plan after 7 years and preserve its vital city services and excellent schools. 

Oh! And definitely take the chance to head to Amherst Cinema this week and see the new Color out of Space movie starring Nicolas Cage, we’ve heard nothing but interesting things about it. Nic Cage and cosmic horror, what’s not to like?

Lots of stuff for teens to do this week! First you can check out Zine Club at Jones Library [Tuesday, Feb 4th at 5:30PM – 7:30PM] to learn how to make prints using linocut techniques! Or head to YA Game Night at the Sunderland Public Library [Wednesday, Feb 5th at 6:30PM] and try out card and board games! It’s a trial run for a monthly event, so head over and let them know what a good idea it is to play fun games! Or you might want to head to the Holyoke Public Library [Wednesday, Feb 5th at 3:30PM] to check out Radio Plasma & House of Colors! Learn to record a podcast and check out Holyoke’s LGBTQ+ youth resource center! Or maybe you’re not into podcasts? Try Quilling at Forbes Library [Friday, Feb 7th at 3PM – 4PM]! Learn to make beautiful shapes out of paper! Hang out with fellow teen artists! Or you can head to Forbes earlier in the week [Thursday, Feb 6th at 3:30PM – 4:30PM] to check out the Teen Book Club! They read Dig by A.S. King this month, but you can help pick out next month’s book! Oh, and the Palmer Scholastic Chess Tournament!

There’s a bunch going on at Prodigy Minigolf & Gameroom this week too! Tabletop Tuesday [Tuesday, Feb 4th at 6PM – 10PM] is still going strong, and it’s only $5 to play! Are you a DM? You can get in free, plus you get access to a bunch of great DM resources like map tiles and pre-painted tokens for heroes and monsters! Or if you’re not into analogue games, you can play in a Super Smash Bros tournament [Wednesday, Feb 5th at 7PM – 10PM]! And get Girl Scout Cookies! Or if you don’t like having Star Fox kill you with a laser, play around with VR at VR Night [Friday, Feb 7th at 7PM – 9PM]! It’s $12 admission to the game room from 4PM – 12AM, and the VR is 7 – 9. Get there early to make sure you have a chance to play!

Book events! Local authors! Eugenia W. Herbert will be at Odyssey Bookshop [Wednesday, Feb 5th at 7PM] to talk about her book Serendib: Scenes from Colonial Ceylon, while Dan Bevacqua will be presenting his debut novel Molly Bit – which is about a great actress dealing with how bad it is to be an actor – the day before [Tuesday, Feb 4th at 7PM] and even earlier almost like we accidentally did this in reverse order you can check out K.B. Pellegrino at Forbes Library [Monday, Feb 3rd at 6PM – 7PM] to see her talk about her newest murder thriller!

And in the polar opposite of murder thrillers you can go to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art for First Book Friendiversary! Celebrate kids books all day for free [Saturday, Feb 8th at 10AM – 4PM]!

Meet Elephant & Piggie costume characters! Explore three galleries of exhibitions, create art, watch films. Enjoy special programs with author/illustrator Aaron Becker, Happier Valley Comedy, and more! A FREE Mo Willems book to every child who attends (while supplies last!) Purchase lunch in the Café from Holyoke Hummus Company

And finally a bit of grab bag: Play Magic at Off the Wall Games [Friday, Feb 7th at 7PM] for just $5 entry! Meet up at the Platform Sports Bar in Northampton to talk to fellow tech folks at the Webdive [Tuesday, Feb 4th at 6PM – 9PM]! And see a lecture from artist Amanda Williams at Smith College Museum of Art [Thursday, Feb 6th at 5PM]!

Her installations, paintings and works on paper seek to inspire new ways of looking at the familiar and in the process, raise questions about the state of urban space and citizenship in America.

All in all a great week to get out in the Valley!

We’ve been playing and enjoying cute little comedy adventure game The Darkside Detective, and we recommend you check it out. Also, did you know Dragon Quest XI is actually much longer than you’d think, even going in knowing it’s pretty long? It has a secret extra like built-in NG+. It’s neat, we like it, but wow jeez it’s long.

Have a wonderful week!

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