Local Kickstarter Comic: King of Pop Issue #1!

A couple local creators from Easthampton are putting together a print run for their comic, and the Kickstarter just needs a tiny push over the finish line!

We’ll let the creators themselves tell you about the book:

King of Pop is an oddball pulp assassin extravaganza, born from a love of D-List movies, tasty snacks, and homemade comics. The debut issue is jam-packed with off-the-wall action and comedy!

We join our heroes as they set out on a dangerous assassination mission in Osaka, Japan. However, they aren’t alone. There are other, competing assassins in the mix, along with some deadly and hilarious adversaries. Will the King of Pop succeed, and maintain his title as the World’s Top Assassin?

King of Pop: Big In Japan, is the first in a planned 5 issue arc! All color, 36 pages, and completely awesome.

At only $3 for 36 full-color pages, it’s a very reasonable price for a comic book!

Our favorite part is the faux-ads they’ve put in the book to give it that Real Comics Feel:


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