Check out The Other Son – A Comic Kickstarter from Local Creator Anna Leue!

Well, that does explain his absence.

Local Creator Anna Leue and excellent artist Ron Joseph have just launched a short Kickstarter campaign to get a print run of the excellent-looking Western comic The Other Son. Art looks neat, story seems like a classic Western Tale, and the printing issues have apparently already been ironed out. All that’s left is to actually get the book into the hands of eager readers!

I’ll let the creator herself pitch it to you:

The Other Son tells the story of Billy, a young man estranged from his family. Billy heads home one day after years away, hoping to make amends. But when he gets there, he discovers that he is too late: his family is dead. They’ve been murdered. He doesn’t know by whom, and he doesn’t know why, but he does know that he’s the only one left now to see things put right. It’s up to him to give his family the memorial they deserve.

You can contribute to the effort and receive in exchange either just a comic for $10, a comic and a cool poster for $20, a comic with a star sticker on it and a poster and three print issues of Anna’s webcomic Half-Man for $50, and an Executive Producer credit for $300!

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