Valley Nerd Watch is Officially A Pretty Nice Site says Valley Advocate

This is just a small thing but hey whatever it is neat and we feel like sharing the fact that we were in the Valley Advocate, Local Paper Of Note And Fellow Valley Prefixer!

Just a teensy blurb in their annual Halos and Horns, but it was very much appreciated. It always makes us happy to see that we’re not just shouting event suggestions into an endless void!

HALO // Valley Nerd Watch — James Olchowski, the lone superhero behind the blog Valley Nerd Watch, is on a quest to cast light on all the nerd-centric happenings in the Pioneer Valley. His weekly digest is an indispensable source for all things nerdy: card games, comics, art, entertainment, to book clubs. Majqa, Valley Nerd Watch! That’s Klingon for “well done.” Check it out at — Peter

Thank you very much for the mention, Peter! The Advocate is a pretty great paper and we’re flattered to be mentioned.

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