Support Local Creator KC Green, Also Get Cute Plush Doggie Doll

There’s a new Kickstarter that you can pledge to in order to support one of our fair Valley’s great artists!

One of the first things we do when we talk about how the Valley has a surprising number of relatively unheralded influences on worldwide popular culture is mention KC Green. If someone hasn’t heard of his work, we ask if they’ve ever seen a cartoon of a room on fire with a dog sitting in it… and they immediately recognize what we’re talking about. KC makes amazing art in a ton of places, and we love it all, but this piece stands out as resonating deeply with a really wide audience.

Which is kind of annoying, since mostly what that has meant for our beloved local creator is that a bunch of people on image-sharing sites posted it with the attribution stripped and got a lot of likes.

Well, now is your chance to say to KC “Hey, good job making that terrifying dog-comic that became a meme because the world is kind of terrifying, and that new comic that’s slightly more hopeful despite also being terrifying

The Kickstarter has already exploded the goal for a plush doll of the This Is Fine doggie, but you should still get yours! It’s a cute doggie you can hug to feel slightly less afraid. It’s adorable and we highly recommend you grab one. There aren’t any stretch goals or nothing, just a cute doggie and a way to give KC some cash in exchange for a thing he made that you think is neat.

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